The Children of Light Catholic Charismatic Community started  as  an  Office Prayer Group way back in 1991 upon the initiative and earnest desire of Sister Lourdes Carredo. The prayer group originally sought spiritual guidance and feeding from the Lord’s Flock Community. As time went by, people in the neighboring offices flocked to its prayer sessions and Eucharistic Celebrations. On May 11, 1996, the Children of Light Foundation International Inc.(COLFI) was officially established to serve as an umbrella organization for the monitoring and administration of various ministries and outreach programs of the community. After the creation of COLFI, the first Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) was subsequently conducted and sponsored by the group on May 18-19, 1996 in Mandaluyong City. Since then, prayer meetings have been regularly held not only at the COLCC Center but also in different venues where Local Chapters are situated nationwide. The increasing number of community members and the success of its outreach programs which primordially paved the way to what it is today, a congregation of  Renewed Catholics, would truly show that the HANDS OF GOD ARE INDEED WORKING IN OUR MIDST!!!

Last February 2012, our SEC registration was amended to:

Head Servant Founder

Lourdes Cubero – Carredo, or Sis. Des as she is fondly called/addressed by the members of the community, was born  and raised in  Calape, Bohol. She had the same aspirations as that of a common “promdi” who ventured here in Manila to seek fortune and fame. She got a high-paying job that enabled her to have almost all the comforts in life. Not satisfied with her material possessions, she and her family went  abroad for greener pasture but the contentment she was seeking for remained an elusive dream. After a brief stint in the U.S. of A, she came to realize however, that true happiness could not be measured in terms of success and fame but through her personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. She initially encountered our LORD JESUS CHRIST during a Life in the Spirit Seminar held at the Parish of Mary Help of Christians on September 17-18, 1988 and everything went according to GOD’S plan afterwards.

Servant Leaders

Many were led back to the faith and to God through the time of our Head Servant and even though she is already gone, the Lord never ceased pouring His blessings to the community and continues to work through its other members. In fact, last October 18, 2009 a new set of servant leaders was installed to assume the same roles that our Head Servant has taken during her lifetime and perform the same task on leading the community to an even more committed service to God and to His people. The Lord has chosen not just one but five servants in the person of  Sis. Lora Garcia and  Bro Bindoy Carredo (both children of our Head Servant ), Sis. Jenny Abjelina and Sis. Pat Granada (Tri-Servants, Cob Empowerment) and Sis. Jenny Deloso ( Advising Elder). The whole Community led by  Fr. Robin Custodio extended to them its prayers and blessings.